Jeff’s Plumbing and Repair provides our clients with quality materials and professional installation of commercial, residential, & industrial plumbing systems in the High Country and surrounding areas. Working with some of the finest architects, engineers, and contractors available, we can provide you with long-lasting cost-effective plumbing systems to meet the needs of your construction project. From high efficiency boilers to tankless water heaters, from cast iron drain piping to flexible plastic water lines, Jeff’s Plumbing will provide you with the best possible plumbing systems to meet your needs.

Whether your in the Hospitality Industry, Food Service, Medical Services, Manufacturing, Retail or somewhere in between, give us a call before you start and see how we can help your project become a reality.

Services provided by Jeff’s Plumbing include:

  • Water Line Installation & Replacement
  • Sewer Line Installation & Replacement
  • Grey & Rain Water Reclamation Systems
  • Backflow Prevention Testing & Installation
  • Fuel Gas Line Installation
  • Water Filtration & Treatment
  • Heat Trace & Pipe iIsulation
  • Video Camera/Locating Systems
  • Public Utility Water & Sewer Line Installation
  • Multi-story Plumbing Systems
  • Food Service Plumbing Systems
  • Commercial Storefront Plumbing Systems
  • Business Office Plumbing Systems
  • Manufacturing Plumbing Systems
  • Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Multi-family Housing
  • Single Family Housing
  • Medical Facilities & Offices
  • Assisted Living Centers